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Asanbuy is one of the most trusted online grocery shopping store in Karachi Pakistan. The only priority they hold is their customers’ satisfaction. It is a safe online grocery website fulfilling B2B and B2C needs with ultimate goal of portraying a wonderful online grocery shopping experience to its customers.

With the rising revolution of Internet, we humans are dominated by technology and a single touch can complete tasks that took hours. Similarly, the task of grocery shopping that took hours to complete can now be done within minutes with just few clicks. The old days of taking out time from our hectic schedules and standing in queues of grocery stores are long gone.

Online grocery shopping websites are now a trending necessity with people realizing their growing importance and the advantages they offer. Online grocery shopping has expanded with the rising cases of novel covid’19 pandemic because it is the safest solution for online grocery chores. But these growing trends of online shopping often leads to fraud and huge customer loss, resulting in lack of trust for online grocery shopping.

But don’t worry because Asanbuy is a completely safe Online Grocery Shopping Website that fulfills B2B and B2C needs. We have a vision of catering our customers needs and provide them top quality safe products that are sealed, packed and delivered under utmost hygienic conditions with no delay. Get your grocery shopping done online by visiting Asanbuy, clicking on the search bar and adding your favourite category brands into the cart. We are a safe online grocery store in Pakistan that aims to serve nothing but the best to our customers. Furthermore, we offer deals and discounts with reasonable grocery products prices in Pakistan. Now you can experience an online grocery shopping experience that offers you maximum savings and delivery of your items right at your doorstep in no time. Thus, you can enjoy most of your free time with your loved ones or doing your favourite activity instead of standing in the grocery lines.

Our Wide Range Of Product Categories

Asanbuy makes lives easy with eliminating those traditional shopping chores from your life that you badly want to escape from. We serve every category of product you need. From comb and envelopes to automobiles accessories, we serve different top quality brands online with authentic information and reasonable prices. We serve great grocery offers and online grocery deals with substantial discounts on almost every category. For instance we have dairy, snacks, beverages, baby care, personal care, stationery, herbs and spices, colgate palmolive, occi ho, health care, household, grocery, automobiles and many more categories online. All you need to do is click on your desired items, add them to your cart and you’re done!

Personal & Health care products you need

Health is the biggest blessing given to us and taking care of it is our soul responsibility. Healthy body is more important than a perfect one and therefore one needs to understand the importance of health and personal care when reaching a mature age. Asanbuy is your gateway to all the desires of good quality products you crave when reaching that goal. In the online personal care section, we have 14 different online product categories that helps you groom your way. It includes hand and body wash, bar soaps, shampoo and conditioners, hair and body oils, hair color, body lotions and moisturizers, toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, sanitary care, hair removal, men’s grooming, makeup essentials, and perfumes and deodorants. The online health care category includes antiseptics, condoms and lubricants.

Let’s Do Grocery Shopping at Home!

How about we go grocery shopping with just a few clicks? We make it possible for you to get fresh grocery items delivered online right at your doorstep. We make it easier for you to experience a good online grocery shopping experience with unlimited appealing deals and discounts. Our online grocery section includes 13 different online product categories that includes online cereals and mixes, honey and spreads, dairy products, sauces, instant foods, recipe mixes, oil and ghee, pickles, pulses and grain, sugar and sweeteners, seasoning and spices, dry fruits, baking and desserts.

Get Your Household Shopping Done in Minutes!

Still not over with new household items shopping? Tired of walking in the market for good quality households? We care for you more and therefore bring you the accessibility of asanbuy, a safe and trusted online grocery shopping website. Buy household products online at asanbuy, and that to at reasonable prices. Our online household section includes online laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashers, toilet and other cleaners, cleaning tools and accessories, air fresheners, pest controls, tissues and disposables.

Life is much better and safe with online grocery shopping, especially when we all are stuck in a critical pandemic with our daily normal activities brought to a halt. Imagine the world without online shopping! Putting ourselves at risk by standing in the crowded lines of grocery stores. Online grocery shopping surely is a lifesaver in this pandemic year and definitely the most demanded thing on internet right now. With the increasing demand comes the increase in product prices that cost customers nearly the double. Well, Asanbuy is just the right online grocery store you’re searching for where you get all your products delivered at reasonable prices. Also, this is just not it because we offer eye-catching deals with appealing online grocery discounts on your favourite items you simply cannot resist. Our products are delivered fresh within the given delivery period so that you don’t have to wait for your items to arrive after months.

Different categories hold top quality brands for our customers so that they can have a good online grocery shopping experience at reasonable prices. In the dairy category we have olpers, dairy omung, tarang and everyday brand. Similarly, our homepage gives you access to tea and coffee, fresh dairy, breakfast offers, herbs and spices, oil and ghee, kitchen laundry, baby care, rice and flour, toilet and cleaning categories that has top quality brands of products. All you need is right here at your fingertips and all you need to do is click and select your desired grocery products. Visit Asanbuy and make your online grocery shopping a better experience with lots of savings. Say goodbye to those long grocery store queues and those tiring walks to each section of products at stores by choosing Asanbuy, a safe and completely trusted online grocery store.